The N7, which peels off from the N1 just outside Cape Town, is a busy road with trucks and cars speeding along in a great hurry.   Just a kilometre or so past the Durbanville, Visserhok turn-off, about 20 minutes drive from the V&A Waterfront, a sign board for The Ostrich Ranch points up Van Schoorsdrift Road, a quiet gum tree lined avenue. 

Those willing to take the road less travelled by are well rewarded for their spirit of adventure!

The Cape Town Ostrich Ranch is situated up on a hill and enjoys 360 degree views from Table Mountain right across to the farmlands of the Durbanville area.

A world of interesting activities awaits you there. A cool patio for refreshments, a 150 seater, fully licensed restaurant serving delicious Ostrich meat dishes prepared by an expert chef; a curio shop and gem stone “scratch patch”, an African Boma for functions and a children’s play area.

When you have finished enjoying the above, it is perhaps time to remember that the reason you are there is to see the ostriches!

Guided tours are taken half-hourly and these include a visit to the museum where many interesting facts about ostriches are given, and a walk through the enclosures where one can get up-close with these enormous flightless birds.   Tom, the world’s smallest fully grown ostrich is a recent addition to the ranch, and he has the Guinness Book of Records Certificate to prove his fame!   A Croc Pond is also visited as part of the tour, which then culminates in a chance for a photo opportunity on the back of an ostrich, with Table Mountain in the background.

You might be wondering what the common denominator is between ostriches, crocodiles and the gem stone “scratch patch”? The short answer is – “dem stones!” Both ostriches and crocodiles swallow stones for different reasons. Ostriches use them to help digest their food, and crocodiles use them a bit like a diver’s weight belt, to help them sink just below the surface.

Talking of which, a meal of ostrich meat does not leave you with the sinking, heavy feeling you would have after eating a large beef steak. The reason for this is because it is very easily digested by the body and is a lean, healthy alternative to eating red meat.

So, should you wish to be able to post on your Facebook status that you have just spent a wonderful day with some long legged birds – a visit to the Cape Town Ostrich Ranch would be one way of doing it!

More details on or visit for other places of interest on the roads less travelled by in the area.

“I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference” - Robert Frost.

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