The little white-washed village of Jacobsbaai on the West Coast, just 9 km north of Saldanha Bay, was host to an unusual musical event last weekend.

Six tractors and trailers set the stage for a musical tour of the village that included stop-offs at various local hosts for refreshments.

"Oppiwa" gave locals and visitors an opportunity to get up-close and personal with celebrities like Sandra Prinsloo, Valiant Swart, Dana Snyman, Neels van Jaarsveld and Steve Hofmeyr. Performances by Zinkplaat and Anna Davel were also included in the weekend programme.

The tranquil environment of the village was thoughtfully left fairly undisturbed as the polished tractors rumbled slowly past, each pulling its trailer of artist and guests. Star-struck local resident, Catherine Campbell, however, was amongst those who took the chance to get a photograph of herself with her favourite celebrity.

Much as Steve Hofmeyr is always a magnet for the ladies, so Jacobsbaai was itself a magnet to a lady of a different kind a few years ago. In 2009 a large floating barge, named "Margaret", carrying several platforms , broke it's tow lines and was washed up on the rocks. Many hundred of visitors arrived in the village to view the spectacle over the following months until the barge was eventually blown up in order to aid the dissembling and removal of it.

These moments of excitement aside, life carries on at a gentle pace here, affording all who come the beauty of the seascapes, the roar of the ocean, the quiet inlets and bays where little colourful fishing boats lie anchored, the stretches of clean, sandy beaches , the wildlife, and, of-course, the riot of colour from the veld flowers in Spring.

A ring-side seat at this lavish display of God's creativity is well worth taking time out for.

Visitors are welcome to experience the charm of Jacobsbaai and to come for a day, or for a stay-over. The only requirement is that you leave the place as you found it.

You, on the other hand, are sure to leave here a changed person!

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